Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Mighty Morgan

How can Derrick Morgan plausibly claim to be the ruler when it is obvious Cherry still rules his heart. He is fooling nobody but himself.

"I'm The Ruler" - Derrick Morgan

"Cherry Home" - Derrick Morgan

Friday, 8 December 2017

Baby Scott

This post is especially for my pal Mister F, who is a big Scott Walker fan - so much so that he even claims to like all that 'clink clank bang' stuff Mr Walker produces these days.

Back before he was the serious artist he is these days, even before he was rebranded Scott Walker, young Scotty Engel of Hamilton, Ohio released a few singles under his own name. Most of the ones I've heard were forgettable examples of the sort of sugary pop that was being churned out in the late 1950s. These are two of the better ones.

"Too Young To Know" - Scott Engel

"Take This Love" - Scott Engel

They aren't anything special, to be honest, but I'd still rather listen to them than this:

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Johnny Hallyday RIP

Au revoir, French Elvis. Hope you made it to la Terre Promise.

"La Terre Promise" - Johnny Hallyday

"If I Were A Carpenter" - Johnny Hallyday & Emmylou Harris

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Single Song Sunday

It has been about six months since our last Single Song Sunday. That was 'Then You Can Tell Him (or Her) Goodbye", and one of the star turns was the version by Barbara Lynn. Well, Babs is back, this time with her signature tune.

"You'll Lose A Good Thing" was written by Barbara herself, and she took it into the US top ten and to number one in the R 'n B chart in 1962. Over the next decade or so it was covered by almost every female soul singer you can think of, from Aretha on down. I have limited myself to just two of them, plus Little Royal as the token soul man.

The only other chart version that I'm aware of is Freddy Fender's, which topped the US country chart in 1976. Compare and contrast it with the more sombre interpretation by Germany's one-man super-group,  Dad Horse Experience, whose distinctive vocals suit the song surprisingly well. It's off his brand new album "I Am A Stranger Here Below", which I can heartily recommend.

And, finally, we have not one but two Mandatory Reggae Versions (and there are plenty more where they came from).

 "You'll Lose A Good Thing" - Barbara Lynn

 "You'll Lose A Good Thing" - Jean Knight

 "You'll Lose A Good Thing" - Denise Lasalle

 "You'll Lose A Good Thing" - Little Royal

 "You'll Lose A Good Thing" - Freddy Fender

 "You'll Lose A Good Thing" - Dad Horse Experience

 "Don't Try To Lose Me" - Linval Thompson 

 "If You Should Lose Me (You'll Lose A Good Thing)" - Yellowman

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Winter Blizzards

We welcome December in the old traditional way, with some Dutch blues-rock from the late 1960s. It comes courtesy of Cuby + Blizzards. Cuby's real name was Harry Muskee, but Harry + Blizzards doesn't have quite the same ring to it I suppose.

On "Appleknockers Flophouse" Harry's vocals remind me very much of Tim Rose, who was also known for his apple-related tunes. I've added one for the purpose of comparison.

"Appleknockers Flophouse" - Cuby + Blizzards

"Checkin' Up On My Baby" - Cuby + Blizzards

"Apple Truck Swamper" - Tim Rose

 While we are on the subject of apples...

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Halls Of Fame And Infamy

Earlier this week I had to dust off my monkey suit for its annual outing to an awards ceremony related to the day job. The culmination of the evening - I say 'culmination' because I couldn't really use the word 'highlight' with any sincerity - is the dishing out of the lifetime achievement award. Which got me thinking about other, more interesting, Halls of Fame.

"Dreamers' Hall of Fame" - Jeb Stuart

"Fools' Hall Of Fame" - Ike Lovely

"My Home Ain't In The Hall Of Fame" - Jonathan Edwards

While we're on the subject, you might want to know that voting on the next batch of potential inductees to the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame closes next Tuesday. I've voted for these three.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Mister Matafale from Malawi

Last time out we had some top tunes from Zimbabwe for you. Today we are hopping over the border to Malawi to bring you some soulful reggae courtesy of Evison Matafale and his Black Missionaries.

Evison died while in police custody in 2001, officially due to natural causes linked to a pre-existing illness. He was a critic of the then President of Malawi, Bakili Muluzi. There are those who suspect the two statements are not unconnected.

"Yang'ana Nkhope" - Evison Matafale & The Black Missionaries

"ZakaZonsezi" - Evison Matafale & The Black Missionaries

Some of you may have noticed things have been a bit irregular around here recently. That is mainly because I've been travelling quite a bit, but things are quietening down on that front so should be livening up on this one. I'm even considering a special 'Twelve Days of Nederfolk' feature for you, if I can get round to getting it sorted (you may have your fingers crossed that I don't).

Until next time, here is an utterly unrelated video. This is for a pal of mine.